Lady Gaga Debuts “Ocean Blonde” Mermaid Hair in an Underwear Selfie

Lady Gaga just shared a pH๏τo of her new mermaid-inspired hair color on Instagram.
Dubbed “Suzie’s Ocean Blonde,” Gaga modeled the dreamy pastel green look in a new underwear selfie taken in bed.
The A Star Is Born performer is no stranger to dying her hair.

Lady Gaga is channeling a very Sєxy mermaid in quarantine.

The superstar has previously rocked bright pink hair, a multi-colored unicorn wig, and matched her hair to her powder-blue gown at the 2019 Golden Globes. Trying out something a little different for 2020, Gaga opted for a sea-themed shade with an extra special meaning behind it.

“Hello Merpeople,” Lady Gaga wrote on Instagram, while posting a selfie of her new hair style. “Rocking color by @fredericaspiras named after his mother who just pᴀssed… Suzie’s Ocean Blonde. I love you Freddie 💕💕 this was extra special glamour with love 💕 🌊.”

This marks Lady Gaga’s first major hair change in months, although the singer has snapped herself wearing a bright pink wig on several occasions.

She recently shared a makeup-free selfie and wrote, “I am so grateful and so blessed to have 9 #VMAs nominations this year for my album Chromatica, for “Rain On Me,” and other performances I’ve given. This is such a difficult time for people all over the world, I really honor how lucky I am to have a day like today. I hope you all will celebrate yourselves in this moment, everyone should be nominated for an award right now. For bravery, for courage, for the strong human spirit. God bless you and I love you thank you for this gift today. 😭❤️.”


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