Lady Gaga Reminisced About Her Ex-Fiancé Taylor Kinney During Biden Campaign Rally Speech

The singer reflected on her time spent in Pennsylvania while engaged to the actor years ago.

Lady Gaga gave rare insight into her former relationship with ex-fiancé, actor Taylor Kinney, while onstage at Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania campaign rally on Monday.

Per Entertainment Tonight, while performing her two hit songs “Shallow” and “You and I” for the pre-election event, the singer stopped and spoke to the audience about her connection to the state via her former engagement to the Chicago Fire actor. Gaga was previously set to marry Kinney after five years of dating but called off their engagement in 2016. The pair first met on the set of the singer’s video for “You and I” back in 2011.

“Did you all know I used to live here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Listen, anybody here from Lancaster?” Gaga asked the audience. “Well, I was engaged to a man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I know, I know. It didn’t work out. I loved him so much. It just did not work out.”

“But I still love my Pennsylvania guy,” Gaga continued during her address. “I love Joe! So Joe’s my new Pennsylvania guy. And I love nothing more than this moment, for this time, for you and I!”

Gaga has since been linked to entrepreneur Michael Polanksy, who was also in attendance at the political event and who Gaga gave a subtle shoutout to.

“To my boyfriend that’s here tonight. I’m so sorry I had to do the whole ‘Pennsylvania, and I dated a guy here’ thing,” quipped the singer. “I love you so much, but it’s true.”


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